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Dr. SIN, L.L. Emily

Occupational Therapist


Neuropsychology | Cognitive rehabilitation

Work Days:

By appointment


Dr. Sin has worked as an occupational therapist in the psychiatric department of various public
hospitals for many years. She became a lecturer in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and
then further pursued her PhD study in The University of Hong Kong specializing in
neuropsychology. She studied the affective neuroscience in older population specifically in
understanding the neural basis of late life depression and its relationship to cognitive

Dr. Sin specializes in psychotherapy on common mental disorder, psychiatric rehabilitation,
community psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery oriented psychiatric practices. She worked
extensively in cognitive rehabilitation for people with different levels of cognitive impairment.
She started her private practice in 2021 when she extended her expertise to children with
Special Educational Needs (SEN) by collaborating with primary schools.


Cognitive rehabilitation
Sensory Integration therapy
Developmental assessment
Behavioral therapy
Lifestyle redesign programs
Work rehabilitation


PhD (Neuropsychology), HKU
Registered Occupational Therapist (HKOTB)

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